Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie rins throu the toun,
Up the stair an doun the stair in his nichtgoun,
Tirlin at the windae, cryin at the lock,
Is aw the bairns in thair beds? it's past aicht o clock!

Wee Willie Winkie, are ye comin ben?
The cat's singin gray thrums tae the sleepin hen,
The dug's speldert on the fluir an disna gie a cheep,
But here's a waukrif laddie that winna faw asleep.

Onything but sleep, ye rogue, glowerin like the muin,
Rattlin in an airn joug wi an airn spuin,
Rummlin-tummlin roond aboot, crawin like a cock,
Skirlin like A kenna whit, waukenin sleepin fowk.

Hey, Willie Winkie, the wean's in a creel,
Wammlin aff a body's knee like a verra eel,
Ruggin at the cat's lug an raivelin aw her thrums,
Hey, Willie Winkie, see here he comes!


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