Sunday, July 22, 2007


Clock-leddy, clock-leddy
flee awa hame,
Your lum's in a lowe,
Your bairns in a flame;
Reid-spottit jaiket,
An polisht black ee,
laund on ma luif an bring
Siller tae me!

Ettercap, ettercap,
Spinnin your threid,
Midges for denner, an
Flees for your breid;
Sic a mishanter
Befell a bluebottle,
Silk roond his feet-
Your haund at his throttle!

Mowdiewarp, mowdiewarp,
Howkin an scartin,
Tweed winna please ye,
Nor yit the braw tartan,
Silk winna suit ye,
Naither will cotton,
Naething, ma laird, but the
velvet ye'v gotten.


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