Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tae The Beggin

O aw the treds that A dae ken
The beggin is the best
For whan a beggar's weary
He can aye sit doun an rest


Tae the beggin a will gae, will gae
Tae the beggin A will gae (2x)

Afore that A dae gang awa
A'll lat ma beard growe lang
An for ma nails A winna pare
For beggars weirs thaim lang

Syne A'll tae a cobbler
An gar him mak ma shuin
Wi twa-three inches roond-aboot
An clootit weel abuin

An A'll gang tae a hatter
an gar him mak a hat
Wi twa-three inches roond-aboot
Aw sheenin ower wi fat

Gin thare's a waddin in the toun
A'll airt me tae be thare
An poor ma kyndest benisons
Upon the happy pair

An some will gie me beef an breid
An some will gie me cheese
An roond-aboot thae mairiage fowk
A'll gaither the bawbees

Gin beggin be sae guid a tred as
A maun howp mey It's time
A wis oot o here
An haudin doun the brae.


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