Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Gaugers

Last nicht A dreamt a dreamy dream
A dreamt it ance afore
A dreamt that oor guidman wis chased
By the gaugers frae Drummore

Nou Willie rade his auld gray meir
He rade till the brak o day
Cryin 'lassie, lassie, gaird yersel'
For thare's gaugers on the wey

The gaugers cam intae the hoose
Thay gaed richt up the stair
Thay gaed intae the faither's room
An thay fund the bottles thare

Thay poud the blankets frae the bed
Thay poud thaim on the fluir
till Maggie she cam rinnin ben
Sayin 'ye buggers heid for the door'

The gaugers thay hae taen the road
that leads back tae Drummore
Whan Sawny gat the bottles oot
sayin 'mak a baurel mair'

Nou Willie Callum made the lum
He made it stoot an strang
That it wad staund the weir an teir
An mak the dooble strang

sae come aw ye Kincardine lads
An come awa wi me
An we'll awa tae Sawny's still
An drink the baurley-bree.


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