Monday, July 9, 2007

A Keech In The Creel

A fair maid she gaed up the street, some white fish for tae buy
An a bonny clerk's fell in love wi her, an he's follaed her by an by

O whaur leeve ye ma bonnie lass, a pray ye tell me true
An tho the nicht be e'er sae mirk, A will come an veesit you

Ma faither locks the door at nicht, ma mither keeps the key
An tho ye warna sic a rovin lad, ye canna win in tae me

But the clerk he haed a young brither, an a wylie wicht wis he
An he's made a lang ledder, wi thrittie staps an three

He's made a cleek bit an creel, an the creel's pit on a preen
An he's awa tae the chimley tap, an he's lattin the bonny clerk in

Nou the auld wife coudna sleep thon nicht, tho late wis the oor
A'll lay ma life, says the silly auld wife, thare's a man in oor dochter's bouer

Raise up, raise up ma guidman, an see gin this be true
Gin ye're wantin raisin, raise yersel, A wiss the auld chiel haed you

Than up she raise an doun she gaes, an in tae the creel she flew
An the clerk's brither at the chimley tap, he fund that the creel wis fou

He's hault her up, he's hault her doun, he's gien her a richt doun-faw
Till ilka rib in the auld wife's side, played knick-knack on the waw

Och help me nou ma auld guidman, och help me nou ma dou
For him that ye wisst me wi this nicht, A think he's gotten me nou

Gin auld Nick haes catched ye nou, A wiss he'll haud ye fest
For atween ye an yer ae dochter, a niver gat ony rest.


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